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Title: THIS IS HOW WE DO: Slumber Stations!

Meet Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast! Mary and Doug Pittis have been owners of Iron Horse Inn Bed & Breakfast for 18 years, helping transform it into a quaint and charming place to stay. Whether it is for weddings, family reunions, weekend getaways, conferences, retreats, workshops, meetings, or just a restful night while passing through, your stay at the Iron Horse Inn is bound to bring out the inner railroad-enthusiast in you!

Spending his younger days in Cle Elum, visiting his uncle and grandparents, Doug decided to first bring Mary along with him in 1980, sharing a big portion of his childhood memories with her. It didn't take long for the Pittises to make their move and start enjoying the various resources Cle Elum, Washington living has to offer on a daily basis!

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All photos were provided by Mary Pittis.
    "We moved here in 1999 when we purchased our B&B in South Cle Elum. The food, supplies for our mountain cabin adventures, and eventually our home and business won our hearts over," Mary recalls.

iron horse inn - Mary and Doug Pittis, Owner's of the Iron Horse Inn, and happy guests
    Pictured Left: Mary and Doug Pittis, Owner's of the Iron Horse Inn, and happy guests.

Upon their purchasing of the Iron Horse Inn, the Pittis Family continued the legacy as just the third owners since it had become a bed and breakfast. Prior to its conversion in the 1980's by the Moore Family, the Iron Horse Inn existed as a railroad bunkhouse until 1974. Fast forward 18 years and you'll find "seven bright and airy rooms upstairs," each of which is named after a railroad crewman who had actually slept there! Take a tour of these charming little rooms now, from the comfort of wherever you are.

The Pittises have completely flourished in their roles as Innkeepers, having the chance to really enjoy the simple things.

    "Our favorite part of the day is serving breakfast to guests who come from all over the world--their interactions in the dining room just confirms the saying 'everyone is connected by six degrees!'," Mary marvels.

Morning breakfast is a truly delicious experience, made daily by Doug himself, is a renowned tradition at the Iron Horse Inn. For that added special touch, breakfast is always served on oval "peacock" plates, which were once used on the Milwaukee Railroad's dining cars. Doug's famous breakfast isn't the only special thing the Pittises enjoy being able to go the extra mile for their guests to truly enhance this one-of-a-kind stay.

Be sure to check back regularly for special time-of-the-year rates, including October and November, "March Midweek Madness", "April Showers Bring May Flowers" and more.

The Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast goes the extra mile to ensure their guests have the most fulfilling and memorable experience while staying in Cle Elum, Washington. Great accommodations, insightful tips and first-hand information on local attractions, a variety of dining options, and plenty of unique and creative ideas for recreational activities are just a few of additional benefits guests receive from the Iron Horse Inn. Some of these recreational pastimes include walking the Interpretive Trail next to the B&B (it leads to a historic depot!), or for the bicycle enthusiast: riding down the Iron Horse State Park Trail.

    "Our B&B is full of railroad history, but we also encourage folks to enjoy the other museums in the Cle Elum area. Those that like antique stores have several options... and of course, there are many dining spots to explore," Mary assures.

Don't miss out on the "unique experience of a bed and breakfast", a component that has drawn guests in for years! With the peaceful ambiance of a time gone by as your backdrop, a stay at the Iron Horse Inn is certainly something you will remember fondly. Residing in one of the "most diverse, scenic, and historically-rich areas of Washington State", the Iron Horse Inn Bed and Breakfast places an enriching and unforgettable stay right in the palm of your hands.

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26 Marie Rd
South Cle Elum, WA 98943
Phone: 509-674-5939
Facebook: Like them on facebook

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Posted: August 8th, 2017

- Blog By: Erika Harper

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