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By Shelby Walker

We may be spending more time at home this winter and holiday season, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! We've gathered a few DIY projects to keep you busy and supporting some of our local businesses from home!

Knit a Mug Cozy with Ruby's Store

If you're looking for a small and easy project that you can use every day, then a knitted mug cozy could be perfect for you! It is easy to get the hang of the pattern, small enough that it won't take a long time, inexpensive to purchase the materials, and can be used all the time. Whether you want to use it during the winter to keep your beverage warm or in the summer to keep it cool, this is a versatile piece.

All the materials can be found at Ruby's Store! The knowledgeable staff can even help you find what knit pattern you would like to try or give you tips.


Your favorite yarn from Ruby's Store Knitting needles (these can be found at Ruby's Store in many sizes, but pencils can also work in a pinch!) Buttons from Ruby's Store


Measure the size of your mug. Make sure you know the circumference and height. If the mug you want to use has a handle, the height shouldn't be more than what can easily fit through the handle. For a snug fit, your piece will be slightly shorter than your circumference, the material can stretch.

Pick a stitch pattern. Ruby's Store employees can help you choose what you like or find an easy one online to follow, there are many videos to help you get started. Here is a great place to learn: I recommend the basic knit stitch if you're just getting started, it is the easiest and most versatile!

Start knitting! Your stitches will be the height and as you continue, the part that hangs off your needle will end up wrapping around your mug.

Bind off and add two buttons to one end of your piece. Then tie some yarn to the other end so you can loop it around the buttons.

Put onto your mug, loop your buttons and enjoy!

Here is an example of how the tie with the button will look:

Enjoy your new cozy mug! This can be a great gift for others or you can keep a few for yourself to accessorize your morning coffee.

Charcuterie Board with Glondo's Sausage Company

A popular item to get when out at a restaurant or to see at a party is the charcuterie board. It can seem like more work than it's worth because everything is sliced for easy eating, but once it's done, it is so worth it! A charcuterie board usually consists of cured meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, sometimes a dip, and whatever else you like. The great part of making your own is that you know that you will love everything there. And where better to get your meats than Glondo's Sausage Company? Choose one or many of their cured and smoked meats to elevate your charcuterie this holiday season.

Here are some of our favorite products from Glondo's Sausage Company and great pairings that you can create on your charcuterie!

Sliced Salami: This salty and classic cured meat makes an appearance in almost every charcuterie board. It is naturally dry-cured and made with a family recipe of seasonings and wine. With the slightly chewy texture, it pairs well with a creamy gouda.

Sliced Coppa Cola: This meat tends to have a little kick of heat to it due to peppery seasonings. Naturally dried and thinly sliced, it is easiest to eat on a cracker with a creamy cheese to help balance the flavor-packed meat.

Kielbasa: This cured meat will give your charcuterie a unique twist. With a Croatian foundation, Glondo's has passed this recipe down for over 50 years. It is a blend of pork, beef, and garlic that gives the sausage its flavor. You won't be able to get enough!

Bologna: While this often gets a bad rap from one too many bologna sandwiches growing up, this meat can be a delightful addition to your board. With a nice garlic flavor, it pairs well with cheeses that allow its subtle flavor to shine, like havarti or muenster.

We recommend picking up some great meats at Glondo's Sausage Company and then adding any or all of your favorite cheeses, crackers, spreads, or fruits, some of which they sell in their market as well. Whether this is a snack or dinner, it is festive and delicious! Don't forget that it can also be a great opportunity to pair with a glass of your favorite local wine!

Holiday Cocktail with Swiftwater Cellars

A classic cocktail that has been loved for generations is mulled wine. Consider trying this cocktail on a chilly day to get into the festive spirit this winter. We recommend supporting a local winery like Swiftwater Cellars by picking up a bottle of red wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon, for this recipe. You can enjoy this on your own or play bartender for your family -- they are sure to be pleasantly surprised with your drink making ability. Little do they know, this recipe from the Food Network is quick and easy!


4 cups apple cider
1 (750 ml) bottle of red wine
1/4 cup honey
2 cinnamon sticks
1 orange, zested and juiced
4 whole cloves
3 star anise
4 oranges, peeled, for garnish


Combine the cider, wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, juice, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Avoid letting it bubble so you don't burn off the alcohol. Strain or pour straight into mugs, add an orange peel to each and serve.

This recipe is easily customisable, so make it your own as you learn. It is easy to make it more or less sweet, play with the flavor profile, and add fruits or spices to your liking. Impress yourself and your friends with this treat and support Swiftwater Cellars through the holidays!

Your Perfect Steak

One of the best reasons to go eat out is to be served a steak that has been cooked or grilled to perfection. While it seems like a daunting task, Owen's Meats has everything that you need to do it at home. With recipes and "how to" instructions on their website, you can learn how to make your favorite choice of steak in whatever way you have available. They have in-depth instructions for T-bones, ribeyes, New Yorks and tenderloin for grilling, stovetop, or searing in your oven.

Here is their helpful guide to heating different sized cuts of ribeye on the stove top:

1" - 8 minutes total; 5 on one side and 3 on the other
1 1/4" - 9 minutes total; 7 and 3
1 1/2" - 14 to 15 minutes total; 10 and 4
2" - 15 to 18 minutes total; 11 and 5
2 1/2" - 20 minutes total; 12 and 8
3" - 25 minutes total; with such a thick cut you can really get creative here, and grill on all four sides. Turn the steak in a constant direction, and go 7 minutes on the first and second side, then drop to 5 minutes for the final two sides.

If you're looking for a full meal, they also have some of their family recipes posted on their website. Give yourself that decadent meal with a steak and then a delicious peach cobbler. Maybe this is a DIY date night or just a beautiful meal, enjoy!


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